"If you don’t want to get hit (then) don’t. You don’t want anybody else counting your money." - Bernard Hopkins

"Line ‘em up. Cotto is ready to fight anyone." - Freddie Roach

"His work ethic is unbelievable. I am looking forward to Miguel fighting with us for the first time. His progress is great and his punching power is coming back to where it once was. Miguel has been one of the best students I have ever had." - Freddie Roach

"I need a person who can see what I can’t do inside the ring, people who can tell what I have to do in the most correct way. That was Freddie." - Miguel Cotto

He was barely squeaking by the punches; that’s why he’s undefeated." - Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero

I needed my father tonight." - Floyd Mayweather

"He ran like a chicken. I thought we were going to go toe-to-toe with him." - Ruben Guerrero, Robert Guerrero’s father & trainer

I don’t care what he weighs, Donaire’s left hook could take out a truck.

"I feel extraordinarily lucky to have landed with HBO when it was a start-up and to be a part of it with so many other guys behind the scenes. No matter how long you do things, to be with one company on one show for so long, I feel amazingly fortunate." - Larry Merchant, who will call his last fight for HBO this Saturday